A Day of Offense Goes the Holstons’ Way

Ramsey House, Knoxville – It’s the way the Farriers’ luck has been all season long.

Buttermilk Roberts

Buttermilk Roberts

Not even a 2-run HOME RUN in the bottom of the 9th inning by Buttermilk could garner a win.

Not even a SEVEN-RUN 1st inning off EIGHT HITS including THREE DOUBLES could propel the Farriers to a win.

The Farriers remain winless in 2016.

This time it wasn’t for lack for offense. Add Moose’s and Aggie’s 5 hits each to the aforementioned heroics  The two ballists also shined on defense in brand-new positions no less – Moose in center field and Aggie at 3rd base. Buttermilk and Mama’s Boy each had 4 hits, and Buttermilk’s home run capped a 5-RBI game for the Bearded One.

Credit the Holstons with a hard-fought game with timely hits. Their refusal to give up earned them this win for sure. They especially excelled in the last 4 innings. The Farriers’ scoring 15 runs is a feat. The Holstons’ scoring 19 – despite being down 7-0 before their first at-bat – is quite another.

CLICK HERE for a moving tintype of Buttermilk’s 4-sacker. Thank you, Doc Hardy!

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