Jimmy Bloss – Missing

Loose Cap, 1863

Jimmy “Loose Cap” Bloss is missing.

It is my deepest sorrow to relay that Loose Cap has not been heard from ever since he telegraphed his decision to leave the Franklin Farriers Base Ball Club. Jimmy was a charter member when the club formed in 18__. He was a muckle on the field and a gentleman off. His consistent prowess with the bat and his recruitment of his two sons led to the Farriers’ nickname “The Bloss Bombers.”

Loose Cap, 1864

His emotional message affirmed the difficulty and fortitude it took to announce his decision. Though his stated reason was to focus on family, this reporter has learned that Jimmy had been approached by Allan Pinkerton himself to direct the intrepid detective firm’s Morgantown, West Virginia, office. Such an honor is no surprise given Jimmy’s heroics as a double agent for the _______ side in the early stages of this nation’s recent civil war.

We wish the best of luck to Jimmy Bloss, wherever his cap lands. 






Hooligan Boyle Miraculously Sees Again

Our own Jim “The Hooligan” Boyle underwent a groundbreaking surgical procedure to have cataracts removed from not just one, but both, eyes. His doctor used a series of refracting and reflecting mirrors to focus light into a palpable beam finer than any scalpel, a beam that he terms a “laizer.” Hooligan has spent a month in convalescence and reports that he feels fit and ready to begin playing base ball.

An added benefit to this new-fangled procedure is that Hooligan now has near-perfect vision without the assistance of spectacles. God’s truth! Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, the procedure caused him to lose his magnificent signature mustache.

Farriers 2016 Schedule Released

The Tennessee Association of Vintage Baseball released our 2016 schedule yesterday, and we couldn’t be happier to start our fourth year as a team playing the new upstarts from Huntsville, Alabama as a part of the Inaugural Sam Davis Cup pre-season tournament the first weekend in April. The invited teams are the hosts, the Stewart’s Creek Scouts, the Quicksteps Club of Spring Hill, and the aforementioned Red Caps. The Scouts will take on the Quicksteps, and then the winner of each preceding match will face off for the Cup.

The regular season begins the following week with the Farriers taking on the Scouts at our home grounds of Carnton.

The Farriers will make three road trips this season, twice to Knoxville to play at the Historic Ramsey House, and then to the 6th Cavalry Museum in Fort Oglethorpe to face Mountain City.

DateDayTimeVisitorHome TeamVenueResult
3/25/2018Sun12:00 PMPhoenixFarriersOaklands MansionL, 11-7
4/7/2018Sat12:00 PMFarriersMountain CityRiverParkL, 17-8
4/22/2018Sun12:00 PMFarriersHolstonsCarntonPPD
5/6/2018Sun2:30 PMDistillersFarriersMansker's StationL, 5-11
5/20/2018Sun2:30 PMQuickstepsFarriersRippavillaW, 18-24
6/3/2018Sun12:00 PMCumberlandersFarriersCarntonW, 2-12
6/16/2018Sat2:30 PMMachinistsFarriersRamsey HouseL, 9-7 (7)
6/16/2018Sat4:00 PMHolstons (makeup)FarriersRamsey HouseL, 8-1 (7)
6/24/2018Sun2:30 PMTravellersFarriersRavenswoodW, 5-9
7/15/2018Sun2:30 PMScoutsFarriersOaklands MansionL, 12-4
7/28/2018Sat12:00 PMLightfootFarriersRiverParkL, 10-6
8/12/2018Sun2:30 PMFarriersQuickstepsCarntonL, 6-4
8/26/2018Sun12:00 PMFarriersMaroonsBicentennial Capitol MallL, 5-4

Farriers trip Lightfoot 15-10

The Franklin Farriers were victors over the expansion Lightfoot Club of Chattanooga in their inaugural game at the 6th Cavalry Museum in Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia. The final score was 15-10.

Franklin showed consistent offense inning to inning, and defensively was spectacular aside from the third inning where the Farriers gave up 8 to the plucky Lightfoot.

Captain “Moose” Berrell awarded the game ball to “Goob” Andress who made his base each time at bat.

The Anvil

The Farriers love our Smacker Bats, especially ones that are named in honor of our team. Here’s the latest from their catalog of vintage bats, the Anvil.  Expect to see many a Farrier muckle put the apple in the garden with this beast.


Spring Training Update

The Farriers held the second of four scheduled spring training sessions today. The following Farriers will be placed on injured reserve until the next scheduled training session:

  • The entire team.