Happy birthday to Jude Bloss!

A new Bloss has joined the Farriers family! Welcome to the world Baby Jude, grandson of Loose Cap, son of Grizzly, and nephew of Baby Bear. No word yet on how tight his cap fits. Congratulations, Tanner! babyjude

Farriers Fall to the Phoenix, 12-13

Mansker’s Station, Goodlettsville – Once again, the team that won the bat toss won the game. The Phoenix of East Nashville and the Franklin Farriers are so evenly matched that the last 3 games were each decided by one run. Today, the winning team was the Phoenix, who chose to be the home team after coming out on top of the opening bat toss, and then ending on top in a dominant bottom of the 9th inning.

But what a game it was! Franklin had a pair of rally killers behind home plate as Tomahawk MacDonald and Hooligan Boyle collected 7 unassisted foul-tip put-outs.

The Farriers began fantastically, notching 5 runs in the 1st inning, 1 in the 3rd, and 3 runs each in the 4th and 5th. The Phoenix answered in the 1st with 4 runs, 5 in the 3rd, and 3 in the 5th. No one from either team crossed the plate in the 6-8th innings.

The score was 12-12 going into the 9th. Toothpick smashed a 1-out triple, only to be controversially thrown out at 3rd during the next play. But the Phoenix were relentless. A few well-placed hits, including a high fly to shallow right that Four Leaf was unable to corral, was all that was needed. The Farriers look forward to the next time we meet the Phoenix – hopefully in the Sulfur Dell Tournament. We’ll be ready to win that bat toss.

Another Tough Loss Decided by One Run

Nashville – Two 0-3 teams met today. Unfortunately it was the Farriers that left the field 0-4. But not for lack of good play.

The Farriers got on the board after the first 2 batters of the game, and kept at it throughout, posting runs in most innings. Offense was superb, especially Dinger’s long 2-RBI single that could’ve gone foul per Bicentennial Mall’s ground rules, but instead hit the bottom of the right field wall They even tied it up in a 4-run 7th inning, but it was not to last. The Phoenix of East Nashville beat the Franklin Farriers 9-10.

The game started on a beautiful note. The 2 bat boys participated in the bat toss – Cricket vs. the Phoenix youngster using Skim Milk’s small bat. Then two esteemed gentlemen threw out the first pitches. First, Guy Andress, Marine Corps Veteran 1952-54 and Greg Andress’ father, lobbed one to the plate. Then State Senator Jeff Yarbro showed his stuff dressed all in white.

Lonely Planet was on-site interviewing Trapper and getting footage of the players and the game for a pilot they hope to air soon.

Meatball’s Birthday Slightly Marred by Loss

In the spirit of true camaraderie, each Farrier introduced himself to the crowd as “Meatball” Morgan to recognize our esteemed pitcher on his 40th birthday. All but one: Tim wryly introduced himself last as “Birthday Boy.”


Meatballs for “Birthday Boy” Morgan

And what better way to spend one’s birthday than a noontime game in perfect, sunny, 65-degree weather? What better way than by winning the bat toss? What better way than getting to stand on second base?

A “better way” would’ve been a win, but the Farriers can be proud of having played a hard-fought game against the undefeated and Sulphur Dell Cup–defending Travellers of Brentwood. Without the dreaded “Farriers inning” – this time the Travellers’ five-run 1st – this would’ve been a much closer game. As it was, the final score was 16-8.

The Farriers still found reason to celebrate afterward, feting Meatball with a new confection sweeping the South: pizza at the local parlor.

Midseason Update

Your Franklin Farriers traveled to the Polo Grounds at Fort Oglethorpe, and came away with a defeat, 19-5. That leaves the Franklin Farriers with a 3-3 record at the halfway point in the season.


Season Stats so far:

  • Opponents win percentage: 21-15
  • Average aces tallied: 10.7/game
  • Average aces allowed: 12/game
  • Record when allowing < 12 aces: 3-1
  • Record when allowing >12 aces: 0-2

Next Match:

Date: 6/21

Time: 2:30 PM

Location: Carnton Plantation

Opponent: Emmett Machinists of Knoxville


Farriers rise over Phoenix VBBC 16-12

The Franklin Farriers opened their home campaign on Sunday with a win, 16-12 over the Phoenix of East Nashville. William “Mama’s Boy” Haskins lost the bat toss for the first time in recent memory, meaning that Phoenix batted in the bottom half of each inning. Despite that failure, the Farriers overcame and prevailed in the end.

The Farriers tallied an ace in the top of the 1st, then gave up 5 scores in the bottom half of the inning. Franklin slowly chipped away, adding 9 aces in the next 3 innings, to lead 10-7 after 4 innings. They stretched the lead to 8, leading 16-8 midway through the 8th inning. The Phoenix attempted to rise from the ashes in the 8th frame, scoring 4 aces, but the Farriers were able to douse the flames and escape without further harm.

The 9th inning was scoreless for both teams, and the final score read 16-12 in favor of the Farriers.

The scoring was balanced offensively, with 8 different Farriers tallying an ace. Most importantly, “Meatball” Morgan tallied an ace for the first time in the 2015 season. 16 aces was a team high for the year, and the Farriers will look to build on that momentum in two weeks as they travel to the metropolis of Nashville for a rematch with the Stewart’s Creek Scouts, who bested the Farriers on April 19th by a score of 16-9. A full recap of that game can be found here.


We’ll see you on the 31st!

April/May Recap

At the end of 3 weekends of play, the Franklin Farriers stand at 2-1 and in 4th place in the TAOVBB league standings.


Baby Bear and Loose Cap after the game.

April 19: Farriers fall to Scouts at Historic Sam Davis Home, 16-9, in a game delayed twice by storms. The Scouts jumped ahead early and held off the visiting team’s comeback. All fans in attendance were treated to one of the most unique matches in league history. 3 pairs of britches were split, and all men emerged soggy. MVP (Muddiest Vintage Player) went to Taylor Baby Bear Bloss.

May 2: Farriers beat Holstons, 10-8, on a beautiful spring day in Knoxville. After falling behind 7-3 through 4 innings, Franklin claws back to take the lead in the bottom of the 8th. Key hits came from Buttermilk Roberts, Toothpick Ramey, and Meatball Morgan. The Hooligan tallied an ace from 2nd base to add the insurance run and put the Farriers ahead by the final score.


The Hooligan.


Next game: 5/17 at Historic Carnton Plantation vs. Phoenix VBBC of East Nashville.