Farriers Win in Knoxville, 12-3


Ramsey House, Knoxville – Knoxville is known for its hospitality and sportsmanship. Sunday didn’t disappoint as the Emmett Machinists and the Ramsey House welcomed the Farriers with hot dogs, soda water and fried potato “chips”.

The game was a well-played and friendly affair. Despite winning the bat toss, the Machinists elected to hit first and let the Farriers hit in the bottom of the inning. “Mamma’s Boy” Haskins put up career numbers with 2 doubles, 3 runs, and an RBI off 3 hits. The Farriers fielded a squad of 11 ballists.

Score 12-3

At Bats – 44
Hits – 22
BA – .500
Extra Base Hits – 7
Slugging Percentage – .659
We had 4 guys hit 3 for 4
2 guys with 2 doubles

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