Farriers Edge Past the Quicksteps 3-2

Sam Davis Home, Smyrna – It’s the top of the 9th inning. The Farriers’ slim lead of 3-1 is threatened as the Quicksteps come up to bat. The Spring Hill squad is down to their last 3 outs. And then – single, single, single. Suddenly the bases are loaded with no outs. The winning run is on 1st.

Slick hurls the pitch. A sharp, low liner to shortstop. Moose fields it cleanly after one bounce, then underhands it to Hambone at 2nd sack, who tags the runner. Double play! However, 1 run scores and the tying run is now 90 feet away.

The field is quiet. The Farriers and their fans are on tenterhooks. Slick delivers his pitch, and smack! A hard-hit, low fly ball to shallow center. Buckeye is on his horse, running forward, and snags the ball on the bound. The game is over! The Farriers win 3-2!

The Farriers will take a win any way they could get it. This match was a defensive gem for both sides. Franklin sent 29 men to the plate and got only 7 hits. Only Greg “Hustler” Andress had multiple hits, earning him the game ball. But the catches and throws were there, and limiting a team to 2 runs or less has only been done 2 other times in the 29 games so far for the league.

The Farriers will meet the Quicksteps in Spring Hill again in a month. Come on out to Rippavilla Plantation on June 18 to see what’s sure to be another great game.

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