Meatball’s Birthday Slightly Marred by Loss

In the spirit of true camaraderie, each Farrier introduced himself to the crowd as “Meatball” Morgan to recognize our esteemed pitcher on his 40th birthday. All but one: Tim wryly introduced himself last as “Birthday Boy.”


Meatballs for “Birthday Boy” Morgan

And what better way to spend one’s birthday than a noontime game in perfect, sunny, 65-degree weather? What better way than by winning the bat toss? What better way than getting to stand on second base?

A “better way” would’ve been a win, but the Farriers can be proud of having played a hard-fought game against the undefeated and Sulphur Dell Cup–defending Travellers of Brentwood. Without the dreaded “Farriers inning” – this time the Travellers’ five-run 1st – this would’ve been a much closer game. As it was, the final score was 16-8.

The Farriers still found reason to celebrate afterward, feting Meatball with a new confection sweeping the South: pizza at the local parlor.

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