Jim “The Hooligan” Boyle


Name: Jim “The Hooligan” Boyle

Occupation: Ballist

Team: Franklin Farriers

Preferred Bat: Any Smacker bat that I can get a hit with

I have lived from Massachusetts to Hawaii and Florida to Idaho with some other places in between. Born in Ohio. Family migrated to Tennessee in 1966. Have driven cross country (including Canada) six times. Besides kayaking and reading, I’m a homebody.


TAOVBB: Where does your nickname come from?

Hooligan: I put a list of names on a dartboard and this is the one I hit. It’s not because I’m Irish!


TAOVBB: How did you find out about/become interested in/join TAOVBB?

Hooligan: After seeing a thrilling action picture of “Skeeter” Wells in the Tennessean newspaper in March 2013 I emailed Trapper “Mamma’ s Boy” Haskins. Trapper, who contacted me within a half hour, offered me a spot with the Farriers. I couldn’t be luckier or happier to be a Franklin Farrier, even though my zipcode is 37221.


TAOVBB: Why is Vintage Base Ball special?

Hooligan: Because of all the Ballists, Umpires (Arbiters) and Volunteers that make TAOVBB what it has become today.


TAOVBB: What interesting baseball story would you like to share?

Hooligan: Back in 1988 the Cubs were playing the Giants in the playoffs in San Francisco. I was living in Lake Tahoe and staying with a friend in the Bay area for the games. His college roommate was the Cubs catcher Joe Girardi’s brother who was staying there also. Everyone except myself went sightseeing. While they were gone, Joe called looking for his Dad, so I personally got to wish him good luck. See what it led to? I was also at both the A’s games when Rickey Henderson broke the American League and Major League stolen base records.