Keith “Four Leaf” Paul

Position2B, RF

Name: Keith “Four Leaf” Paul

Occupation: Copy Editor

Team: Franklin Farriers

Preferred Bat: 34” Smacker Baller or 34″ Smaker Spooler

I was born in the San Fernando Valley and lived in the same house until I moved to Dallas, Texas to attend SMU. I lived in Dallas for 11 years. In March of 2005 I married Amy, and the very next month we moved back to Southern California. My daughter, Katy, was born in 2006. After a while we decided to move to Tennessee, where the pace of life agrees with my own and where it’s a great place to raise a child. We live in Franklin and we’re here to stay.


TAOVBB: Where does your nickname come from?

Four Leaf: I was the 30th and last ballist to earn a place on a team in our inaugural season. Then I won a T-shirt drawing, leading then-Commissioner “Roadblock” Thurmon to comment that I was so lucky my nickname should be “Four Leaf.”


TAOVBB: How did you find out about/become interested in/join TAOVBB?

Four Leaf: My wife showed me a Tennessean article about a vintage league starting up, saying it would be fun to go catch a game. But I fixated on the contact info for those interested in playing. I responded… and next thing I know, I’m a Farrier!


TAOVBB: Why is Vintage Base Ball special?

Four Leaf: Vintage ball allows me to play a game I wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity to play, with like-minded gentlemen who love the sport as much as I do. Games are all about having fun with just the right touch of competitiveness. And my family can enjoy the easygoing atmosphere.


TAOVBB: What interesting baseball story would you like to share?

Four Leaf: Dodger Stadium used to have sunken, dugout-level seats behind home plate. It was like sitting in a bunker with your eyes at dirt level, mere yards from the batter. One time as a kid, I got to sit there for the last game of the season. Moreover, it was fan appreciation day, and my seat was the last one called – I won 4 tickets to Disneyland! This is my favorite baseball memory and, hey, it ties into my nickname.


Photo by Debbie Brodie Hensley