Tim “Meatball” Morgan


Name: Tim “Meatball” Morgan

Occupation: Registered Architect, Amateur Sports Bureaucrat

Team: Franklin Farriers

Preferred Bat: 34” Smacker Anvil


“Meatball” was born and raised in the Upstate of South Carolina in a rural community called Gaffney. He is the second most famous person from Gaffney, after House of Cards protagonist Francis J. Underwood


TAOVBB: Where does your nickname come from?

Meatball: In modern baseball, a meatball is a pitch that’s easy to hit. Since that’s the goal, it seemed appropriate with my chosen position as Farriers pitcher.


TAOVBB: Tell us something interesting about yourself.

Meatball: I’m a Cubs fan, which is a rarity in the part of the world I hail from. It’s because I’m also a contrarian, which fits right in with playing baseball without a glove.


TAOVBB: Why is Vintage Base Ball special?

Meatball: Last year we played a vintage baseball team from up north, and as they were thoroughly whipping us it was overheard that one of them said, “It’s like they’ll let anyone play.” My job as a player and board member is to always do whatever it takes to make that remain true. We’ve got fathers playing with sons, and that is truly special.


Photo © Ryan Gibson Photography 2014